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AI IN MI I BY BRENDAN ALVIANI MAKE SPARE TIME PRODUCTIVE A s music retailers, we’re pretty busy. Personally, I’ve got a commute of be- tween 30 and 50 can be really helpful to settle my nerves and help me think through some tricky situations at work. Occasionally, we all need a tech detox, no matter how short. Try role-playing sensitive situ- ations at your workplace using voice technology, so you can bet- ter handle difficult conversations with employees or customers in the future. Specialty Topics: Because

minutes each way every day to my store, Family Piano Co, and I’m always looking for ways to make that time more useful, as well as the time I spend doing activities such as folding laundry and washing dishes. Here are a few ways I make these everyday tasks more productive, including how I incorporate AI, of course. LISTEN TO PODCASTS & AUDIOBOOKS I’ve been a huge fan of Audible for years now, but I recently switched to Spotify’s new Au- diobooks collection. Included with a Premium subscription, you get 15 hours of audiobook listening time per month, so you can start and stop any book in its impressive library without using credits. LISTEN TO YOUTUBE VIDEOS If you subscribe to YouTube Pre- mium, you can turn off the screen on your phone and listen to just the audio. This is also an ideal way to spend time during those long morning and evening commutes. MAKE PHONE CALLS I’ll proactively try to schedule phone calls with friends, fam- ily and co-workers in order to squeeze in deeper, more involved

VOICE CHAT WITH CHATGPT That said, since last October, I’ve added a new feature into my routine, which in many ways combines the best of those above options. Voice chatting with Chat- GPT has quickly become my fa- vorite way to interact with the technology. Here’s how it works. First you download the official ChatGPT app. It doesn’t work on the desktop version, so you need to do this through your phone. It’s available through free and paid plans. By default, it’ll use the best model available for your plan, but you can also utilize this with Custom GPTs as well, if you’re on the premium plan. Then, press the little “headphone” button to activate. It’ll bring up a new interface that’ll take a little time to adjust to, so I don’t advise trying it for the first time while merging onto the highway. The voices are impressively realistic and engaging. In the settings, you can choose between five voices. Here’s what I love using this voice technology for: Sensitive Topics: There are certain topics that are awkward to talk about with loved ones or co- workers. With a robot, it’s easier to just say whatever you want.

ChatGPT has been trained on a massive swath of the internet, it can readily engage in pretty much any topic you want to talk about. Foreign Language Practice: ChatGPT can fluidly switch be- tween English and the new lan- guage you’re currently learning, giving you tips and advice. Please note: it can’t really slow down yet, so I’d only recommend trying this if you’re at least intermediate- level in the language. Business Topics: Voice tech- nology is great for brainstorming marketing ideas, business best practices, weighing the pros and cons of decisions, and more. As always, don’t fully trust anything it tells you, but use it as material to consider during the decision- making process. Also, a quick thanks to every- one who came out for my talk on text generation at the Ideas Center during January’s NAMM show. If you would like a recording of the talk or the slide deck, email me at MI Brendan Alviani is the president of Family Piano Co in Waukegan, Illinois, by day, but has spent every day for over a year learning about artificial intelligence for various side-projects. He wel- comes feedback at

conversations when I’m away from my desk and the store. has quickly become my favorite way to interact with the tech.” TRY VOICE DICTATION Voice dictation options exist on all of your favorite devices nowa- days. While you drive, you can talk into your phone and it’ll type what you’re saying — which is convenient if you have a sudden brainstorm while sitting in traffic. GET SOME THINKING DONE Sometimes, a block of quiet time “Voice chatting with ChatGPT

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