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S pring is all about fresh starts — and allergies, but we’re focusing on the positives here. For some, that means a new degree or a big move. For music makers, it’s the itch to buy some new gear. While warmer weather might bring more customers into your shop, these days, it’s important to remember that your business can — and should — be global. Sound daunt- ing? It doesn’t have to be. Let’s talk about some easy ways to bridge the physical and digital experience to ready your online shop for buyers from all over the world. RULE NO. 1: IT’S ALL ABOUT THE GEAR. Just because a potential buyer from another city, state or country won’t be able to step into your store, that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t get the full experience. A great way to ensure that your online shop is just as impressive as your brick-and-mortar is to double check that all of your inventory is available online. I know, I know — it sounds so simple. But after a busy holiday season, and what is often a hectic start to the new year, there’s nothing wrong with reviewing your stock. Trust me: The holidays might sound like a lifetime away now, but in October, you’ll be thanking yourself for all that work you did in April and May. RULE NO. 2: MIRROR YOUR IN-STORE POLICIES ONLINE. From loyal customers to new buyers, re- flecting your store policies online is a great way to build confidence with music makers looking to snag a new piece of gear. This includes everything from returns and friendly shipping policies to eliminating restocking fees. The more your digital shop reflects the policies of your brick-and-mortar, the better! RULE NO. 3: MIMIC THE FLOW OF CONVERSATIONS YOU HAVE WITH IN-STORE CUSTOMERS ONLINE. Customers might reach out to ask about how a certain synth sounds or about the

feel of a guitar neck. The more info you can provide, the better, and the quicker you can answer their questions, the sooner they’ll have the information they need to make a purchase. Plus, every touchpoint with a potential buyer online is an opportunity to build a relationship. And just like in-store, the conversation doesn’t have to stop after a purchase is made online, either. Ever offered a new in-store customer a coupon for

their next purchase to encourage them to return or rewarded returning customers with points or freebies? Similar tactics can be used to build loyalty online. One example of this are Thank You Coupons on Reverb. Users can send a coupon to buyers as soon as they make a purchase from their shop, enticing them to return. They can also use Thank You Coupons to drive repeat purchases from past customers, sending them to those who have purchased gear from their shop in the past 90 days. From a quick influx of sales to building brand loyalty, using the tools at their disposal to turn their online shop into a welcoming environ- ment is a key to success. Here’s what Frederick Kantor, senior buyer of Focus Pro Audio, had to say after using the new tool: “There is a lot that goes into be- ing a top dealer on Reverb … but to me, there are two key components. One is always be listing — fresh product keeps you relevant. The

Rule No. 1: Double check that all of your inventory is available online.

second is customer retention. We now have several hundred repeat customers, and that number contin- ues to grow. To reward the customers who return to us with a coupon on their next purchase from us has fit perfectly with our goals. From day one, we have seen an uptick in sales and repeat customers.” Whether you’re reaching out to past buyers or readying your inventory for the rest of the year, it’s important to think of your online presence as an exten- sion of your brick-and-mortar shop — and a gateway to potential customers all across the globe. MI

Jamie Major is a seller engagement manager at Reverb.

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