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‘Keep Telling it Like it Is!’ I don’t do a lot of comments to editors. Your job is hard enough. However, I do want to thank [Mu- sic Inc. president Frank Alkyer] for his Perspective editorial in the April issue. It’s my view that com- panies that decide not to support The NAMM Show are forgetting the impact of NAMM, as [Frank] pointed out. The circle of benefits show- ing how income from the show is used to plant seeds to grow music participation and create more op- portunity for both the industry and those who find making music life- changing is a mission that cannot be overlooked. It’s our position that, while we may be able to do business through several channels, NAMM and programs like the NAMM Fly- in supporting music education and grants for like-minded organiza- tions looking to make more music makers are important enough for us to be there in support. It’s my opinion that if a company needs to save the investment that it costs to attend [The] NAMM [Show], they should, at least, donate a third of their savings from their absence to the NAMM Foundation so the important work can continue. Keep telling it like it is!

be part of Music Inc.’s Industry News section in the April issue (highlighting the store’s 100th anniversary). We have received numerous compliments from friends in the music business and our local customers. We’re still trying to improve our method in ordering printed music and instrumental supplies. Technology is great, but you need to continue to do what is right for the customer and your business. [Our] future goal is to con- centrate on the areas that we excel at and step back from the areas that sap our energy and resources. Also, [we aim] to be able to change with the times without losing sight of [our] core values. Slow and steady wins the race — and 2024 hear we come.

Bruce Marquette Owner Loser’s Music Lebanon, Pennsylvania

Thanks a Ton! W e would like to thank Music Inc. for featuring our cus- tom shop in its April issue! As we approach 29 years in business, receiving continued support from our industry peeps is warming and heartfelt. We’re grateful for the many individuals who have embraced us and continue to do so, and to our authorized dealer network who stand behind our products, encourage us and play a huge part in our success!

pace, the essence of what drives consumer loyalty remains un- changed. Consumers today are not merely seeking products or services; they’re seeking experi- ences. In this era of abundance and choice, where competition is fierce and options are plenti- ful, it’s the quality of customer service that sets businesses apart. As consumers, let us con- tinue to champion and support enterprises that prioritize our satisfaction and well-being. And as businesses, let us never lose sight of the fact that amidst all the changes and advancements, the true measure of our success lies in the smiles and satisfaction of our customers. I’d like to extend a heartfelt “thank you” to all of Mojo’s cur- rent customers and a heartfelt invitation to check us out to those we haven’t met yet. We’d

be honored to make your tone dreams come alive!

Michael McWhorter CEO Mojotone Burgaw, North Carolina

‘Is MAP Taking a Break?’ S o, are we just not doing MAP enforcement anymore? I see all you vendors sneaking around Amazon and third-party platforms undercutting your loyal, beautiful dealers. Don’t you see that this race to the bottom will wreck the music industry? Please stop. Anthony Mantova Co-Owner Mantova’s Two Street Music Eureka, California Slow & Steady Wins the Race I t was quite an honor for Los- er’s Music and our family to

Michael Skinner President Dansr Champaign, Illinois

‘Success Lies in Smiles’ I t was an honor to be included in Music Inc.’s April issue and share the story of Mojotone in the From the Top article. Over the last 24 years, we’ve definitely seen our fair share of changes, and it’s always fun to look back on our history. One thing that hasn’t changed for us is our appreciation for and our dedica- tion to our customers. As the music industry con- tinues to transform at a rapid

Kimberly Dalton Sales & Marketing Huss & Dalton Guitars Stauton, Virginia


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