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3 TIPS FOR POS SUCCESS Three experts share their No. 1 tip when it comes to selecting a point-of-sale system. 1. CHOOSE A SYSTEM THAT HAS REGULAR UPDATES. “Look for a company that’s constantly improving and updating the software. Also, don’t overlook the growth potential of selling online. It has become more than 70% of our business, and I’m positive that part of the market will continue to grow. Find a software that is e-commerce friendly.” — Jeremy Chapman, Co-Owner, The Acoustic Shoppe 2. ADD CUSTOMER SUPPORT TO YOUR PLAN. “Don’t overlook how important it is to have strong customer service and support. All these years later, we depend heavily on our POS system provider’s support. We’re all so busy and knowing you have the option to call and get their help and expertise at any given moment is well worth the extra fee. I strongly suggest adding that service to your plan.” — Mark Maxwell, Owner, Maxwell’s House of Music able to train someone within 15 minutes on just about all of the major functions. We were also able to improve our customers’ experience with work tickets, special orders, keeping tracking of inventory with ease and other tools, such as an integrated loyalty program.” Sims said he also liked how Lightspeed instantly synced with Lightspeed eCommerce. “Overnight, all of our inventory was able to be on our website and any change that takes place in our system via a sale or price change is also reflected on the site instantly,” he said. “Combining Lightspeed Retail and eCommerce with Sync2Sell has allowed us to sync everything to Reverb, eBay and Amazon and allowed us to grow our e-commerce sales to where it’s now 50% of our overall business.” For this year’s NAMM Dealer of the Year award winner, Max- well’s House of Music, inventory control was the main driver for selecting a new point-of-sale system in the beginning, however accounts receivable and accounts payable features were also fac- tors that made Maxwell’s family business run more efficiently. “The reporting functions were, and still are, wonderful at helping us know what we are doing well, and areas where we could improve,” Maxwell said. “[Tri-Tech’s] AIM software also makes it possible to know how employees are doing as you can spot check their sales activity in the system. This can be helpful on a lot of fronts.” MI


“In order to be successful, stores need to be selling on every channel avail- able to them. From their own online store to Reverb to the social media mar- ketplaces, the more lines a store can cast, the more customers they’re going to catch, so having seamless integration with these channels is paramount.” — Taylor Harnois, General Manager, Music Shop 360

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