Music Inc Magazine May 2024

BREEDLOVE GUITARS PREMIER CONCERT BRAZILIAN ROSEWOOD LIMITED EDITION Breedlove Guitars has launched its Premier Concert Brazilian Rose-

wood Limited Edition acoustic guitar. Brazilian rosewood is a sought-after tonewood known for its superior tonal proper- ties, including rich resonance, deep bass and clear highs. Breedlove is producing these limited-edition models featuring Brazilian rosewood in compliance with CITES regulations and sustainable sourcing practices. The new model features Brazil- ian rosewood back and sides, delivering superior sound and an heirloom- quality investment. The guitar is equipped with LR Baggs Anthem pick- up. {}


CORT GUITARS ARTISAN SPACE 5 Cort Guitars has launched the Artisan Space 5, a new bass model that features a light, compact and portable design. First hitting the streets in the 1980s, Cort’s Space line of guitars and basses helped spearhead the decade’s head- less fretted instrument boom. Now, with the new Space 5, Cort has built upon its legacy, while adding modern-day features and enhancements. The bass has a maple body and a 6-millimeter solid poplar burl top, with a seven-piece, roasted maple, walnut and purpleheart neck which affords players a defined midrange that compliments the expansive, bright qualities of the body. {}

FENDER LIMITED EDITION 70TH ANNIVERSARY STRATOCASTER Fender’s Limited Edi- tion 70th Anniversary Stratocaster offers elevated features from the golden era of the Stratocaster. Its two-piece select alder body provides lively resonance and well-balanced tone and is decked out in gold hardware, as well as an NOS lac- quer finished strik- ing Bright Sapphire Metallic. {}





SAFE ZONE S-FILE MusicNomad’s new Safe Zone S-File takes fret crowning to the next level. The new fret crown- ing file prevents users from overfiling and provides them with the perfect fret shape. The unit’s exclusive design features a Safe Zone innovation with no diamond grit at the top of the arch of the channel, eliminating overfiling. The S-File reduces the fret crown- ing learning curve from weeks to hours. The 240 diamond grit combined with the ideal filing radius design gives users the perfect cut every time. The blue silicone com- fort grip reduces hand fatigue, and the unit’s offset design provides both added lever- age when filing and lets users clear the guitar body when filing over it. {}


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