Music Inc Magazine May 2024

LEVY’S LEATHERS MINDI ABAIR SIGNATURE SAXOPHONE STRAP Levy’s Leathers, in collaboration with saxophonist and two-time

GIFTS, DISPLAYS & ACCESSORIES Grammy nominee Mindi Abair, has launched a collection of three signa- ture saxophone straps. Crafted from garment leather, the two straps boast thick padding for even weight distribution across the neck and shoulders, mak- ing them ideal for long performances. Each strap is marked with Abair’s signature and features a metal snap hook to secure the saxophone. Additionally, the design includes a metal height adjuster, engraved with Abair’s initials, which allows for easy adjustments of the strap’s length without removing the saxophone. {}


PIANOS, KEYBOARDS & SYNTHESIZERS KENDOR MUSIC PUBLISHING ‘THE JAZZ EDUCATOR’S HANDBOOK’ Kendor Music Publishing has announced the second edition of “The Jazz Educator’s Handbook” by veteran jazz educators and composers Jeff Jarvis and Doug Beach. First

published in 2002, “The Jazz Educator’s Handbook” is known as a comprehensive yet accessible how-to handbook for jazz educators and band directors to build and maintain a successful jazz program. “The Jazz Educator’s Handbook” is filled with field-tested strategies for both experienced jazz educators and band directors newly responsible for jazz programs. In the new second edition, jazz education giants, Jarvis and Beach, have newly-revised and updated book to make it even more accessible, streamlined and modernized, including with hundreds of print examples and down- loadable recordings. {}


Chedeville’s new Cinema Bb Clarinet mouthpiece model was designed with Holly- wood studio musician and mouthpiece maker James Kanter. The Chedeville Kant- er Cinema Clarinet mouthpiece boasts a warm sound, while being flexible and ideal for a variety of settings. The new Chedeville Kanter Cinema Clarinet mouthpieces are manufactured from beginning to end at the JodyJazz/Chedeville factory in Savannah, Georgia. The company starts with its proprietary Chedeville hard rubber and then crafts the mouthpieces using state-of-the-art CNC machines. To achieve an understated look, the mouthpiece’s engravings are unpainted. {}


CLARIMATE ClariMate is the first digital clarinet mute and is designed to afford clarinetists the ability to practice and play anywhere at anytime. Clari- Mate works on any B-flat or A clarinet and is inserted between the mouthpiece and tuning barrel. It features a stand-alone mode for silent practicing and syncs up to the ClariMate app, available on most desk- top and mobile platforms, providing MIDI E capabilities. {}


Building on the success of its Profile SP3 and AP3 for soprano and alto saxophone, Vandoren has ex- panded the series to include tenor and baritone saxophone with the release of its TP4 and BP3 mod- els. Like all Vandoren mouthpieces, the ebonite used to produce the Profile series is 100% of natu- ral origin and certified non-toxic. {}

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