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PEARL RIVER UP95, UP100 SMALL SCALE PIANOS Pearl River’s two small-scale pianos have been crafted in recognition of the growing market for pianos designed for preschool

children and older adults. The new UP95 is a 61-key piano specifically crafted to nurture the musical interests of children under the age of 10. For better playabil- ity, the keys themselves have been narrowed, making the learning experience more accessible and enjoyable. A com- plimentary textbook that is tailored to align with children’s cognitive, psychological and physiological characteristics is included with each UP95. The 69-key acoustic learning piano, the Pearl River UP100, was designed in collabora- tion with Lin Gore, a composer and professor at China’s Sichuan Conservatory of Music, to meet the needs of beginners, amateur music enthusiasts, non-piano-major students in regular schools, as well as those involved in vocal performances and teaching. {}


NEK-100 brings together the advanced technology of Nux to produce a comprehensive and convenient keyboard for both stage and home. Powered from its internal rechargeable battery or the included 12-volt adaptor, this instrument is compact and light- weight, while offering a multitude of sounds, styles, effects and accompaniment options. An additional live music mode offers 20 flavors of music and various effects. Control layout is simple and intuitive, providing quick access to all functions, with op- tions for transpose, split or layered keyboard, touch response, pitch bend, and Bluetooth connections. {}


SEQTRAK Yamaha’s SEQTRAK is an all-in-one, music creation station designed for composing and performing electronic music from anywhere. The compact music station lets users capture ideas quickly, create original music using its versatile sound and sample engines and con- nect with fans using its performance features and streamlined connectivity. With SEQTRAK, creators don’t have to compromise quality sound thanks to its two versatile sound engines. The AWM2 offers a 128-note polyphony and specializes in authentic sounds like pia- nos, strings and guitars, while the four-operator FM engine produces stunning synth pads, leads and FM electric pianos. {}

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